HOD’s Statement

This is the Department of Linguistics, Igbo & Other Nigerian Languages, (LION) of the University of Nigeria, the home base of language and literary studies. Ours is a knowledge-driven, research-focused and globally-competitive Department, established in line with the international best practices and core value of the University of Nigeria, which is the restoration of the dignity of man. The Department is forged in the furnace of innovative teaching and cutting-edge research, one that drives an academic tradition that is responsive to the language needs and human capital formation quest of the Nigerian and indeed the African society. Welcome to the home of LION where we utilize the theoretical, methodological, and empirical resources of Linguistics (mother of all language studies) and Literature as tools for accounting for the intricate and nuanced subtleties of language – the life-blood of human communication.

Brief History

The Department started as a sub-Department under the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures in 1974. In 1978, it produced its first set of graduates. In 1981, it gained its autonomy as a fully fledged Department. Dr. P.A. Nwachukwu (as he then was) was its pioneer Head of Department. The Department was until 2005 called and referred to as Department of Linguistics and Nigerian Languages. In 2005, the Senate approved a new name for it (as above entitled).

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