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Welcome to Dept. of Linguistics, Igbo and Other Nigerian Languages

HODS Statement


In keeping with the motto of the University of Nigeria, the philosophy of the Department is to enable man to know and understand himself and his environment through the study of linguistics and language. The discipline exposes the students to the multi-disciplinary and interlocking nature of the human society in their use of language. The programme furnishes the students with a live-long education that they can adapt in infinite ways to their chosen careers in life. It lays emphases on linguistics and the Nigerian Languages. Scope The programmes lead to the award of B.A. Igbo Studies, B.A. Linguistics, B.A. Linguistics and Igbo Studies, B.A. Linguistics and Ibibio Studies, B.A. Linguistics and Hausa Studies and Linguistics and Yoruba Studies. For the standard four year programme, the students are first introduced to the general principles and concerns of linguistics before they are introduced into the many areas of specialisation where linguistics is practiced theoretically or where it forms the superstructure of the areas of specialisation. Participation of students in field work and laboratory practice is mandatory. Introductory courses in Linguistics are available as service courses in the first year for students of English, Languages, Mass Communication and other departments which need them.